Mono Shade Netting


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Shade Netting provides uniform shadow and controls air movement.

♦ Usage

Shade Cloth is used in commercial nurseries, greenhouses for shading plants as well as construction site and truck cover etc in industrial usage.

Light and high-strength knitted shade cloth fabric in a variety of sizes can be used to create a cool, shaded environment for plants, animal and people.

Usages: Agricultural, Overhead Shade on Patio, Truck Cover, Crop Protection, Fencing at Construction Site, etc.

Raw Material & Construction Method: High Density Polyethylene & Warp Knitted
Fabric Yarn: Mono Filament + Mono Filament with High U.V. treatment
Size & Color: 12 ft X 300 ft ROLL / Black & Green
(Custom sizes & colors are also available)

♦ Advantages

Shading, heat preservation, moisture preservation, strong stretch resistance, radiation resistance and corrosion resistance.

♦ Applications

Sun shade net, Anti-insect net, Anti-bird net, Garden net, Ground cover, Safety net, Debris net, Scaffolding net, Sun shade sail, Privacy Screen, Balcony screen, Cargo net, Knotless net, Fishing net, Sports net.

♦ Specification

Materials: High Density Polyethylene with U.V. treated.
Shade Ratio: 50%-90%
Width: 12 ft. (max 20 ft.)
Length: 300 ft.
Color: Black, Green (Custom order colors are available)
Weight: 5 oz to 10 oz