fully bonded single and double flap keder

♦ Fully Bonded PE Keder

Unlike most keder on the market that is partially bonded, LARK’s keder features a double flap polyester fabric that is fully bonded to our Grade A PVC resin core. The Grade A PVC resin cord is more pliable, making it easier to work with, and fully bonding the polyester fabric to the cord offers more durability, preventing wear and tear use after use.

• 13 mm diameter keder
• 11 mm diameter keder
• 8.5 mm diameter keder
• 4 mm diameter keder (awning & canvas; double & single flap)

Why Solar™ Vinyl Laminated Fabric:

• Fully Bonded to PVC Cord
• Panama Weave 22 oz Fabric (thicker than most 18 oz on the market)
• Grade A PVC Resin Cord
• Double Flap
• Heat Sealable