♦ Clear Vinyl

At LARK, we are proud of our clear vinyl. Mostly used for tent and structural canvas enclosures, our clear (PVC) vinyl, like our Solar™ line, is mildew resistant and UV resistant. However, what makes our clear vinyl different from others on the market is that our clear vinyl has high dimensional stability and is flame retardant (CFSM, NFPA 701), as well as cold crack resistant up to -30°F.

• 16 GA – Super Clear
• 20 GA – Super Clear
• 30 GA – Super Clear
• 40 GA – Super Clear

Why LARK’s Clear (PVC) Vinyl:

• Low Shrinkage / High Dimensional Stability (ASTM Standard D1204: 0.1% shrinkage)
• Flame Retardant Certified (CFSM, NFPA 701)
• Cold Crack Resistant up to -30°F
• Mildew Resistant
• UV Resistant
• Grade A PVC Resin
• High Tensile & Tear Strength
• Heat Sealable


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Custom Slitting Service Available

FR Seal-Clear Vinyl

CSFM FR Registration F-10901







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