♦ Solar™ Coated Fabrics

LARK’s Solar™ vinyl (PVC) coated tarp & inflatable fabric is mostly used for truck tarps and bounce houses. The polyester scrim in our vinyl coated fabric offers high tensile and tear strength. Solar™ coated vinyl tarp & inflatable fabric is abrasion resistant.

• 18.5 oz  – Translucent

Why Solar™ Coated Fabric:

• Abrasion Resistant
• Mildew Resistant
• UV Resistant
• Cold Crack Resistant up to -40°F
• Grade A PVC Resin
• Woven Polyester Insertion Scrim
• Increased Thread Count
• Matte Finish
• High Tensile & Tear Strength
• High Adhesion of Vinyl to Polyester Scrim
• Heat Sealable